Cleaning and protecting marble flooring

Protection of marble floorsProtection of marble floors
If the floor is made of marble, then it should be deep cleaned in order to clear all the impurities and dirt out of pores. If the floor has already been protected then it should be well cleaned, the old protection and the possible stains should be removed, and then wait for the floor to be well dried to do the floor protection again.

Preparation of marble flooring

Deep cleaning is necessary to remove all dirt and impurities from the marble. The washing itself should last longer and the machine should work a couple of minutes on one place in order to get the desired result. The washing is done with a machine and black felt and after the washing it is rinsed with clean water.
If the result is not satisfying the process is repeated from the beginning or just in the part where it did not go well. If marble has not been treated for a longer period of time, or it has been cleaned with aggressive products, then the process must be repeated twice on the whole surface because marble can be seriously damaged.

Protection and maintenance of graniteProtection and maintenance of graniteProtection and maintenance of granite tilesProtection and maintenance of granite tiles
Surface cleaning is necessary in the situations when marble has been cleaned with adequate products and one part of the protection has been removed or in the cases when marble is new and it needs protection. After the process of cleaning is done, the floor should be rinsed with clean water. After the rinsing, the floor must be completely dry before we place the protection layer. Time for drying depends on the room temperature, air humidity, weather conditions, etc.

Protection of marble flooring

After cleaning and preparation of the floor, we must be sure that the floor is completely dry before we coat the protection layer. There are several different types of marble floor protection products. They are used depending on the fact whether the floor is damaged (harsh, perforated). Then it is important whether we want a high-brightness floor or just lustreless effect. A hydro protection is also possible which can be water and chemical based.

Protection of indoor marble

Protection of the internal marbleProtection of the internal marble
Hydro protection is very important for marble if it is placed in bathrooms, pools or open terraces, lanes and all outdoor surfaces where weather conditions affect the flooring and the walls. If we want to speed up the process of protection, we can use water-based products, where the period between two coatings is shorter.

Protection of outdoor marble

Marble surfaces which are installed on the places where weather conditions vary (lanes, pools, wall coverings, incrustations, etc.) as well as indirectly protected marble (terraces, ledges, staircases, passages, etc.) needs protection adapted to the weather conditions.
Protection of the outer marbleProtection of the outer marble
If marble is placed next to the pool on a terrace, or on the façade, it is always recommended to do hydro protection and only then surface protection.
These paragraphs have explained the basis about the protection of marble and making it look good as on the beginning.

When it comes to cleaning and protection of other types of floor made of granite, granite ceramics, terrazzo floors, etc. the techniques are similar but the products are completely different. The effects we want to achieve can be realized only if the procedures are done in the right way.

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