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Time of holidays: small details that will turn your home in to a festive sensation

It’s a matter of taste how you will decorate your home for the holydays. But buying decorations and balloons in your favorite color and just randomly arranging them all over the house is not a matter of taste but a matter of laziness. There fore….

table decorationThe preparations for the holyday season in western countries and especially in America start several months before the festive event. By the end of September Christmas and New Year decorations are already being contemplated upon. In case of a wedding, color of table cloths and chairs in the wedding reception will be chosen months ahead. As for us, well, we always leave the decoration for the last moment.
The average Serbian family has modest home decorations for the New Years Eve. Almost every house will decorate the fir tree, but that is about it. Walls, the furniture, the festive dinning table will remain the same.

The time has come to make some changes in this area. Why? Because the right decorations, scents and colors can create a festive mood and rise up the true holiday spirit.
It’s a matter of taste how you will decorate your home for the holydays. But buying decorations and balloons in your favorite color and just randomly arranging them all over the house is not a matter of taste but a matter of laziness. There fore….
Create your own decorations using fabrics, scented candles, flowers, food and beverage.

celebration timeLet us start from the beginning. There are a lot of low quality, but beautifully designed fabrics available in the market. You will not be able to make a perfect dress out of them, but they will do nicely for making decorations. Ribbons and bows made out of these fabrics will bring life to your chairs, curtains and pillows. You can make a ribbon that will be placed across the table cloth on your table. For this purpose you can use ribbons that flower shops use for bouquets. Do not mix too many colors and designs. Chose one color for the ribbons and stick to it in order to make a perfect holiday decoration.

Scented candles in different shapes and colors are a nice detail in every household. You should have even more scented candles during the holyday season. And you should really use the candles. Unlit candle has no life, it is only a “dead decoration”.
If you are afraid that too many candles can cause a fire, place the candles in glasses or in plates.  Good old lanterns are a nice solution. Place them all over the house and enjoy their light flickering as much as you can. Do not go crazy with colors; buy all lanterns of the same color.

A holyday cannot be imagined without flowers. Even one flower in your room can make all the difference. There is no need to say anything about decorating a fir tree. We all now what a decorated fir tree means for the holiday spirit. Especially if children are around.
decorated tabledecorated table
We come to the question of food decorations. Your fir tree can be completely decorated with eatable decorations, and you will have so much fun making these decorations. Gingerbread dough commonly used in the western countries for making these decorations, could also be your choice. You can make decorative bonbons from melted sugar poured in to cookie molds. Different sorts of cookies and chocolate candies can also find place in your Christmas tree and your table.

During holidays, pay special attention to how you serve your food. Feel free to play with your food and create a work of art on your plates. You can decorate your cakes with cream and candy to make your holiday cuisine even more special.

Pay special attention to how you serve drinks. You can wipe the edges of your glasses with lemon juice and than dip them in sugar creating a perfect shimmering circle. This decoration does not have to be used only for vermouth. A classic hit are ice cubes with frozen mint leaves in their center. You can even color your ice cubes in different colors. Cocktails are always a fun choice for the holidays. As you can see, it all depends just on your imagination. And let us admit, we all want to be remembered as a perfect host for the holidays.
red carpetred carpet
RED CARPET: The lucky ones that have a house and a court yard can take Christmas decorations even one step further. Turn your courtyard in to a scene from a fairy tale and make your children happy. Use lamps, lanterns, lightings of different colors. You can even place a red carpet in front of your doors. Why not? You guests would certainly feel very special and wanted.

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