It is never smart to save money on your bed

Doctors recommend that your bed should be medium hard and elastic enough to follow the curvature of your spine….
bedbedAn old proverb says “we are as old as our spine is”, and for the correct aging of our spine the most responsible piece of furniture is the bed. Sleeping, as a basic physiological need, is necessary for our total health. Sleepless nights can cause you to be irritable, absent minded, unfocused, tired and slow. Even if you get enough sleep at night there is no guarantee that you will wake up completely rested. Good bed is the most important thing for a good nights sleep.

What makes a good bed?

good bedWe can say that a bed is good only if certain standards are obtained. First of all bed has to be big enough to allow you to change body positions during the night. Bed also has to be able to help you keep your body temperature over night and soak up excess moisture and heat that the sleepers body produces during sleep.
Medical experts recommend that your bed should be medium hard and elastic enough to follow the curvature of your spine. A bed that is too soft has several negative side effects, and the foundation of a good bed has to be able to bend from 1-3 cm. To find a bed that is perfect for your body, you will have to try out many different models.
We should choose our beds according to our weight, height and sleeping habits. The quality of our sleep and our health in general, depends on the right choice of bed. That is why bed should never be a piece of furniture you will try to save money on. Spend as much money as you need to buy a good bed. For a good night sleep the only important thing is that the bed is comfortable.

From headboard to footboard

mattress on the bedWhen you want to buy a mattress, check first from which material it is made of. The best mattresses have metal inner springs, but lately you can find top quality mattresses filled with polyurethane foam or latex foam. Mattresses filled with combed cotton are also good, especially if you own a fold – out bed.
Experts claim that beds with base made out of solid wood are more lasting than the beds with a base that has carrier boards or holders. If your bed base is wider than 140 cm it is recommended that the base should be reinforce through the middle section with one carrier board. The base of the bed in combination with the mattress has to sustain correctly the body in all positions during sleep.
The best selling beds have wooden frames with inner springs, and foundation for sleeping is based on flexible laths. Experts recommend beech laths because of their long lasting elasticity and stability. The space between laths should be three to four centimeters, if they are used as a foundation for latex or cold foam mattress.
Adjustable bed base will make reading in bed more comfortable, or create a perfect foundation to rest your tired legs upon. Head board doesn’t have only decorative purpose. It protects the head from the coldness of the wall behind the bed and you can lean upon the headboard when you want to read in bed. If the headboard is upholstered, make sure that the upholstery is detachable from the bed so that you can wash it from time to time. Bed with drawers is a perfect solution for a small apartment. The mattress should be aired during the day, so make sure that the drawers do not completely close up the space underneath the bed.
How to be sure that you have chosen the right bed four you? Measure how tall you are and than add 20 to 30 cm to that number. That is how long your bed should be. Standard beds are 200 cm long, 90 cm wide and 45 cm high. King size bed should be large enough for two sleepers, leaving 80 to 90 cm of space for each sleeper. Custom made beds can have different dimensions, they are more comfortable but more expensive at the same time.


Being the only piece of furniture we cannot live without, bed has a long history. At the beginning of the middle ages bed becomes important piece of furniture with practical and aesthetic value. Headboard and footboard are decorated with wood carvings. First beds were of rectangular shape with a lot of pillows. Draped tapestries covered the cold stone walls of the castles to protect sleepers from low temperatures. Bedding was kept in a chest by the bed. In the XIII century baldachin beds became a status symbol meant only for kings and high state officers. Centuries later many other pieces of furniture, besides bed, found their way in to the bedroom.

Even beds have expiration dates

bed trough historyYour bed may be comfortable and beautiful but it will not last you for ever. Expert’s recommendation is to change your bed every 10 years, or at least the mattress. Mattress should be properly maintained. It should be vacuum cleaned and washed on the regular bases. You can do it your self, or you can hire the professional cleaning service. You have to take good care of your bed because people, on average, spend one third of their life sleeping.

FLOATING BED: Magnetic floating bed, the most expensive bed in the world today, was presented to the public during the last years “Millionaire fair” in Belgium. Conventional beds and mattresses basically look alike, but the Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars had a groundbreaking idea. His bed denies the law of gravity and obeys the law of magnetism. In cooperation with the Bakker Magnetics Company, Ruijssenars spent six years developing his idea. Using the power of permanent opposing industrial-strength magnets to enable it to float 40 cm above the floor, the full scale bed can hold 900 kilograms of weight. For standard size magnetic bed the price is 1, 2 million euros, smaller bed (1/5 of the standard size) will cost only 115.000 Euro.
bed in the roomsbed in the rooms
WATER BED: Opinions on quality of water beds are divided, but this type of bed is still very popular. It should be bought only in specialized stores and tried out before buying. Fans of water bed say that body relaxes more easily in water than in ordinary bed, and the spinal core of the sleeper is always in anatomically correct position during sleeping.
Water bed will never lose its shape, because it is filled with water. Water beds should be made out of top class vinyl materials approved under the strict European law regarding toxic materials EN71.

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