Decorating children’s playgrounds

Protective panels made of recycled rubber are used for equipping children’s playgrounds. The panels can endure all the temperature changes without damage. They are not deformed, they are resistant to wearing, are easily cut and applied to the ground.
Recycled rubber playgroundRecycled rubber playground

Because of that, they have a long life, sometimes up to 20 years. They are not watertight and they do not hold water during precipitation, they are anti-skid, odorless and they absorb noise. Their ideal use is as foundation for children’s playgrounds because they protect the kids from injuries when they fall from certain heights.


For a safe child’s game there are companies which produce panels respecting the European standards. These standards regulate the use of these panels as depreciation surface in case of injury. These panels can be of different thickness.

Production process

Recycled rubber children playgroundRecycled rubber children playgroundPanels made from recycled rubberPanels made from recycled rubber
Recycled rubber panels are made of rubber granulate and adhesive substance using a technological process. These products are specific because they can be made of granulate which is made by recycling old pneumatic, SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber). The basic product colour is black and the granulate itself can be coloured during the production process. The panels can also be made of EPDM granulate (Etilen propilen Dien Monomer), which is made of rubber. The advantage of this type of material is in better physical and mechanical characteristics, as well as in availability of a large scale of colours and longer life.

Professional sports courts are exclusively made of this material. Panels made of recycled rubber can be made of EPDM, SBR or as a combination of both materials. The new product is resistant UV radiation, ageing and extremely high and low temperatures. Apart from one-coloured panels, respecting the customers’needs and the space itself, it is possible to make panels with different applications and designs. Combining allows formation of imaginative and interesting surfaces.

Instruction manual for montage

Rubber playground surfaceRubber playground surface
The panels are placed very simply and with no need for professional help. When you buy the panels, look for the instruction manual and the connectors with which the panels are joined together. It is not necessary to use glue, it is enough to connect the panels and place them in the wanted form. The glue is recommended in case the panels are placed on a slanted surface. It is best to place the panels on a surface made of concrete, however it is possible to place them on any surface (asphalt, wood, sand, earth, steel), bearing in mind that the surface should be even, clean, dry and without cracks, in order for panels to lay down perfectly. The temperature during the montage should not be lower than 10ºC.


Maintaining the panels made of recycled rubber is easy. Simply clean with water and remove the mechanical dirt which appear during the exploitation. It is good to ensure the children’s playgrounds from the impacts which lead to damages. And if damages appear, single panels are easily replaceable because of the connectors.

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