Epoxies and polyurethanes

“When it comes to installing a new industrial flooring, a proper installment procedure for special purpose flooring should be fallowed. Planes are made according to the needs of the building. So, before you start to install industrial flooring consult the experts because it is necessary that you know everything, from materials you are going to use to contractor chosen to do the job”
Epoxies and polyurethanesEpoxies and polyurethanesDepending on the chemical, thermal and mechanical conditions, you should choose a specific type of flooring able to satisfy all the demands of a certain space.  Industrial flooring should be used in all areas with specific thermo and chemical conditions.
 Epoxy and polyurethane resins based flooring is most commonly used for these purposes, but depending on specific conditions even some other types of flooring with different ingredient can be used.
Epoxy flooring is highly resistant to pressure and wear off. They are chemically more resistant to bases than acids, they are not thermo plastic, when exposed to UV rays they change color but they can endure temperatures in range from -40 oC to 80 oC.
epoxies in industryepoxies in industryEpoxies car salonEpoxies car salonPolyurethane flooring is less firm than epoxy based flooring but more elastic and flexible. They are more resistant to acid then to base agents; they are resistant to UV rays and they can endure temperatures in range of -40oC to 120oC. Also, they can be installed in a short period of time.


epoxies in homeHigh quality concrete foundation is one of the preconditions for proper application, quality and durability of the new flooring.
 Concrete foundation should be left to settle for at least 28 days with the finished process of hydration, with firmness of at least MB 30 and maximum humidity of 40 %. Surface should be flat, without segregation of cement milk and properly hydro insulated from the lower side (in case of ground level floors).
If the concrete foundation is dirty and greased, the surface should be mechanically cleaned, all bumps removed and all cracks filled and connected with plastering mortar.

In order to get as smooth surface as possible for flooring installment, it is also recommended to coat the concrete foundation with self leveling concrete mixture with polymers and special additives that enable faster bonding and self leveling ability.

The optimal room temperature for application of these materials is between 15 and 25 oC.

Application of epoxy and polyurethane based materials is not recommended in room temperatures below 10%.
When it comes to installing a new industrial floor, proper installment procedure for special purpose flooring should be fallowed. Planes are made according to the needs of the building. So, before you start to install industrial flooring consult the experts because it is necessary that you know everything from materials you are going to use to developer who is going to do the job.

expoxies car washOld flooring can, under certain conditions regarding quality and special purposes, be restored. You have to have in mind that sometimes repairing the old flooring can be more expensive than installing the new one.  In order to protect the investors interests, obtain quality and at the same time save money, the condition of the old flooring should be thoroughly evaluated and experts in this field consulted.
Sadly, for the last couple of decades or country has been neglecting modern trends of high quality but at  the same time cheap constructing, flooring included.

Epoxy non slip flooring

Epoxy non slip flooring is usually applied in areas frequently exposed to water, oils and other liquids. Non slip ability is achieved by sprinkling the newly installed epoxy self leveling flooring with quartz sand of appropriate granulation (5,00kg/m2). After excess quartz sand is removed from the surface, the floor is covered with epoxy coating of appropriate shade according to the RAL chart. This non slip flooring is usually 3-5 mm thick.

Polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane flooring is consisted of polyurethane resin as a binder in combination with special fillers, cements, and other additives.
This type of flooring is highly resistant to continuous exposure to extreme chemical and thermal conditions.  Polyurethane flooring can be used only 12 hours after installment with room temperature under 20oC, and fully functional for mechanical, chemical and thermal exposure in 4 days after installment.
Polyurethane flooring can be divided in to:
-Non slip floors, 3-4 mm thick
-Self leveling floors, 2-3 mm thick
-Floors for extreme chemical and thermal exposure
Anti static flooring is used in areas where static electricity is created such as computer centers, surgery rooms, explosive and highly inflammable material warehouses, production sites etc.

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