Choosing the right décor for the bathroom

One of the problems we come across when we decorate the bathroom is how to break the monotony and uniformity of tiles, and how to emphasize a part of it and make the space more unique and interesting. The solutions which appear are numerous and for everyone’s taste.
Choosing the right décor for the bathroomChoosing the right décor for the bathroom

The amount of decorations you would place in a bathroom depends on the dimensions of the bathroom itself. For larger spaces you can use any type of decorations, while in smaller ones it is enough to point out a detail or two. Moreover, decorations should not be overused. You should bear in mind that you will have a lot of small trifles besides the sanitary ware and furniture. All those things will become a detail in your bathroom, so if the space is overloaded we could have the opposite effect and create a visual disbalance. It is important to state that you should not be afraid of a clear and simple bathroom form.

Usual bathroom dimensions go between 4 and 7m2 and any bathroom bigger than that is a large bathroom. In the pictures we look at the ceramics salons and in the photos in the magazines made by ceramics producers bathrooms are quite big and we cannot look for a solution in that way. Since today on most salons you have a possibility to get an expert advice from the shop assistant or an architect, you should use that possibility. The experience shows that it is best to point out just one part of the bathroom which is in a visible spot and which is not burdened by other details and therefore suitable for setting decorations.

Also, you can make a composition around the sink and mirror to place just one discreet detail which will always be visible but not striking. The most usual style is to place a dark colour on the floor which is then transferred to the wall after which goes the border and on the top a version of a light nuance of the same colour.

To get a décor effect you can use décor tiles which can be bought in pieces, also textured tiles, mosaics, tiles of the same dimension but in different colour, tiles of different form and appearance, fillets or borders. The possibilities are endless.
decorative ceramic tiles for bathroomdecorative ceramic tiles for bathroom

Décor tiles which can be bought in pieces are very interesting. They appear in different designs, from flowers to geometrical shapes and manual ones, whose motifs can sometimes be rather extravagant. Beautiful and extraordinary decorative tiles are produced in Italian factories which employ top world designers and artists. So, for example Bardelli factory in Italy produces tiles of different colours and different formats (10x10cm, 20x20cm, 10x40cm) whose combination and matching you can get a perfect bathroom.

Fap factory is one of the leading factories when it comes to décor. They have beautiful colours, modern formats as well as the classic ones (such as the imitation of marble). Mutina factory is close to the industrial design. They have calmer tones like white, black, grey, beige and brown. They are known for printing the desired pictures or décor on tiles. The only problem with décor tiles of a certain collection is that they are much expensive than standard tiles.

A very effective and often used technique for decoration is mosaic. They are good to use because their application is wide and visual effect unique. Mosaic can also be placed on curved surfaces, wall recesses, it can be cut in different dimensions and various patterns can be made of it.

One of the most simple and effective ways to decorate is to cut the existing tiles to certain dimensions. There are factories which cut the ceramics on demand. In that way you can play with tiles and even make a strip on the wall or on the floor. If you use a combination of two colours, in order for the wall and the floor to be in contrast, you can use a floor tile for the wall. It is customary to place the décor on the wall but it does not have to be a rule, especially in the toilets where there is not much space on the walls.
ceramic tiles for bathroomceramic tiles for bathroom

You can make the bathroom walls completely clean and make an unusual décor on the wall by using mosaic or cut tiles which can be very effective. It is also important to say that you do not have to place the ceramics in the whole bathroom. The parts which are not under direct wet influence you can cover with wallpaper or other paint technique. This is a nice solution and the only décor which appears there are the final ornaments on the tiles which are discreet but effective.

Besides all the mentioned possibilities, decoration itself can be done with various details of bathroom furniture and a mirror which can create a fantastic effect since it visually expands the space. The mirror can be placed directly on the wall or it can be framed in an old wooden picture frame which makes the bathroom elegant and original.
All these options are good and interesting, and you just have to choose yours. If you follow these little rules you can have a nice and beautifully decorated bathroom.

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