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Know More About The Advantages Of Ceramic Titles

Ceramic tilesThe history of ceramic tiles is around 4,000 years old beginning in the ancient Greek metropolis. During primeval days, it was used by Greek emperors to beautify their palaces and other places. Striking themes, patterns and designs made of ceramic blocks increased their charm and attractiveness. At present, they are being utilized by nearly all houses, offices and places as well as for gardens, building facades, floors and walls.

The Warmth of Ceramics

The Warmth of CeramicsIt is common to place tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and terraces. The most frequent foundations in other rooms are parquets or other similar materials. However, modern trends (in some countries traditional) propose the use of tiles, ceramics or mosaics on other parts of flats, such as dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

Choosing the right décor for the bathroom

Choosing the right décor for the bathroomOne of the problems we come across when we decorate the bathroom is how to break the monotony and uniformity of tiles, and how to emphasize a part of it and make the space more unique and interesting. The solutions which appear are numerous and for everyone’s taste.

Bathrooms for kids

Bathrooms for kidsAdults like to have a bathroom for their own, so why the kids would not have their own water oasis? Laufen Flora – kids offers the solutions. Swiss company Laufen produces bathroom equipment since 1892. German designer Andreas Dimitriadis has, inspired by the inner child in himself, designed these cheerful and colourful bathrooms just for kids.

A bathroom in a black & white combination

Black and white bathroomThe bathroom in a black and white combination can be dramatic, elegant and beyond this time. Chic and trendy, black & white tiles are present from the early 20th century. This classic combination of colours has endured over time, from the vintage to modern bathrooms. Black and white details attract the eye and can stress the architectural solutions.

Ceramic tiles installation

ceramic tiles installationThe quality of ceramic tiles is constantly changing and that demands for a constant improvement of adhesives and joint mortars. Permanent research and development of production laboratories usually guarantees the highest quality for the highest demands.

Sanitary ware, shower, bath and hydromassage tubs

bathroom with shower bathThe offer and demand for sanitary ware has reached a market expansion in the last decade which made the choice of the sanitary ware and the additional equipment a very important thing in the creation of bathrooms and toilets. The choice was not quite wide before, the fixtures were all the same so that the whole choice could come to the question whether or not place the bath tub or a shower tub.

How to choose the most suitable tiles?

choose the most suitable tilesCeramics production technology and trends are changed daily, the advertisements are multiplied on all media and the questions are arising; how to make the right choice and how to satisfy both aesthetical and technical criteria? The world of ceramics has becoming like the world of fashion.

Ceramic tiles

ceramic tilesThe world of ceramic tiles is filled with different shapes, colors, structures and designs. The use of ceramics can completely transform the original concept of the interior design. An architect can visualize a certain type of ceramic tiles, certain color and shape, but when he enters a ceramics store a completely different idea for interior design can be born.

New tendencies in bathroom decorating

decorating bathroomsWhen it comes to decorating details, as in this bedroom-bathroom combination, or in standard bathroom for more users, the only principal is – nature. Bathroom, the most intimate part of every apartment is recently being transformed by becoming more nature style oriented.