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Dressing up the floors according to your taste

Carpet in the living roomWould you like to live in the comfortable space which is according to your taste? To be peaceful and enjoy the warmth and convenience of your home? There are many ways to create such atmosphere but nothing can surpass a good carpet or a mat which create the sense of warmth and luxury and that is why they remain one of the most popular ways to decorate the floors.

An always trendy classic – Oriental rug

Oriental rugsEveryone knows something about them, but rare know a lot. They are transferred from generation to generation as a part of family heritage and tradition. All decent civil houses have at least one which perfectly matches the portraits of old ancestors, style furniture, heavy double doors and high ceilings. Their all-time elegance gives warmth to cold modern interiors.

Carpets – comfortable, practical and beautiful

Carpet and flooringWhen the temperatures fall down, and the prices for heating go up, we realize that carpets are very useful elements of interior design. A carpet is a thermo-insulator, which makes a room warmer during winter months, while the heating bill could be much lower. Also, a carpet is a sound insulator – it absorbs the sounds and the possible noise in the room, making it very practical in that aspect as well.

Protection of premises from impurities, dust and water

floor matsThe need for efficient protection from dirt and water from shoes as well as their detaining at the entrance to the premises has been present for centuries. By installing an efficient system of mats it is possible to stop up to 90% of dirt and damp at the entrance to the building.

Trends in the interior – kilim

trends in interior - kilimKilim reminds us of Aladdin and the past, of foreign countries influences, the reign of the Turks, etc. It is not rare that people make mistakes and kilims from different parts of the world are unified disregarding their origin and differences. Serbian Pirot kilim is similar to Turkish kilim and at first sight, one could say that they have the same origin because the colours and patterns are similar.

Carpets in the living room

Carpet in living roomA carpet in the living room has its functional characteristic because it lowers the level of noise and gives a pleasant surface to walk on. Although it needs more attention for cleaning, the effect it gives to your living room will show as real refreshment.

Home Ambience

home ambienceFor all those who like to follow trends, to experiment and to change their surroundings more often, modern collection which uses artificial materials is a good choice. Thanks to advanced technologies these materials have achieved incredible tactile and colouristic values.

A perfect carpet for a perfect room

carpet measure ambient

Carpet is not there just to keep your feet warm. A carpet is a central decorative element of every room, an aesthetic way to enrich your life space and make it unique according to your own life style. Depending on texture, colour and design, a carpet can create a special atmosphere of every room. Each space has its own purpose and it needs to be distinct from others, either with its expression or colours which generate positive effects.

Details for a better living

details for better living

Spring is the best time of the year for all sorts of house work. If you do not have a lot of money, at least buy a new mat for your floor or a new cover for your bed. It will certainly cheer you up.